What is Sadness?

Hello there fellow human πŸ™‚

Feeling blue?… I can relate. Yesterday morning I had an episode of spontaneous sadness. I was sad for no reason in particular, I just felt like ploops…

The mind can try and attach stories to the emotions and sometimes they make perfect sense. Maybe I was sad because I haven’t posted in a while and I was loosing faith in myself, or it could’ve been because I was on my way to a tiring shift as a traffic fundraiser, when I’ve been doing labouring shifts all week.

These are possible reasons, but emotions come from a much deeper place than external circumstances. Our emotions come from within. It is the ego that attaches these emotions to what’s happening around us. External circumstances can be the cause of the emotion, but it’s not where the emotion comes from. It exists within you and the external circumstances have activated it.

Trust in Your Journey

In my case there was no obvious reason for this sadness to come up, it just was so I allowed it to be. This is the best way to release these emotions; by allowing them space to be and pass through your experience.

What happened for me in this experience was I woke up in a sad mood, not wanting to do my morning yoga and meditation practice, even though I know they would help shift this mood. I looked at my eyes in the mirror and I couldn’t see the joy they usually shine with. Just sadness..

I wanted to wear black, but my jeans were on the line, so I stepped outside to get them. In doing so I felt a shift from the sadness by being outside with dawn breaking and the birds singing. The jeans were wet, but this shift made me feel a bit happier so I didn’t mind wearing my usual colourful clothes.

I felt better for a few moments and got myself ready for work, but the sadness slipped back in again.

I let myself fall to the floor into childs pose and let out a deep emotional exhale. I stayed on the ground for a while and felt into my body. The sadness shifted slightly so I got up and continued getting ready for work.

Sadness, anger, anxiety are all teachers. They’re letting you know that what’s going on in your present isn’t aligned with your true self, mission or purpose in this life.

I guess for me the lesson is to cut back on the working hours and give myself time for my wellness rituals and helping others though this blog πŸ™‚

Tears are Great Healers

After I finished getting ready for work, there was still an uncomfortable feeling inside me. I curled up next to my partner, put my head on his shoulder and let the tears come.

I read recently that tears actually contain stress hormones, which would explain why you always feel better after you cry. And I did!


What to Do When Feeling Blue

In the physical reality we live in two realms; The realm of doing and the realm of being. Unfortunately these are usually unbalanced. Most humans are totally consumed by doing and don’t even really know how to just be (I just used the word “do” in the title caz it rhymed :)… I didn’t mean to trick you! )

So really there is nothing to do, but to:

  • Be in the feeling, giving it the space it needs to pass.
  • Give yourself the freedom to express the emotion however it wants to in that moment.
  • Let the tears out, when they want to come
  • Get out of the mind and the stories it likes to tell and feel into your body.
  • Being outside with nature is very grounding and can help shift negative emotions.

You are the only one who can shift your emotions, reading this post I hope has helped you in some way to accept the emotions currently present within you, and has given you some useful tips to be with it, until it passes.

Nothing is permanent. Everything changes.

Much Love & Light,






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