Positive Affirmations – What They Are and How They Work

What Are Affirmations?

They are constructive form of self talk which help you improve your wellbeing!

Even if you don’t talk to yourself out loud, when you pay attention, you’ll notice an almost constant stream of narrative around what you’re doing or feeling in your day to day life.

Our thoughts are telling us things all the time and if you’re not careful, they could be putting you down, making you feel less than your fullest potential. Creating a growth mindset with the use of daily positive affirmations, can consciously change your thought patterns and in turn change your life!

I’ll give you a personal example: I used to always be dying for a pee as I was reaching the front door of my house. I believe it came from always watching my mother do the same. Now, as I reach the front door and if the urge hits, I breathe deeply and tell myself “I Am a Fully Grown Woman With a Fully CompetentΒ Bladder!”

This is an example of using positive affirmations in waking life, when the moment hits, but affirmations are much more powerful when done with a relaxed state of mind, which is discussed later in this article.

How To Use Affirmations?

Feel it to Believe it!

Using affirmations is a way of changing your limiting beliefs to more constructive ones. For such deep belief shifting work, words alone won’t cut it!

The words need to be felt to be true.

This may seem difficult at first, so if your affirmation seems impossible to believe at the moment, start with something a bit more believable and work up to the currently unbelievable.

Everything is in a constant flux of change, including you!

Repetition is key!

For affirmations to work it must be said repetitively and consistently! I use an app for that! With MindWire you can record your own affirmations in your own voice, which makes the whole thing much more powerful.

They work best said in the present tense!

An affirmation said in the future tense, will always stay in the future. “I Want to Lose Weight” means you’ll always be wanting to lose weight. A more functional affirmation would be “I Love My Beautiful Body & I Honor This Journey Towards Better Health”

Also the wording here is quite important. When we loose something what do we usually do?

Look for it again!

When it comes to weight loss I feel the word release is powerful.Β “I Choose To Release This Excess Weight From My Body”

Be Positive!

Affirmations like “I Don’t Like Smoking“, for example, won’t work, as the words “Like Smoking” are in this phrase. Even if you said, “I Hate Smoking“, the word “hate” has a very low vibration and you’re still focusing on smoking!

It’s better to focus on the positive of what you want to achieve. In this case, an affirmation like “My Lungs Feel So Good And I Am Healthier Than I have Ever Been”. Saying this every time a craving kicks is will work wonders!

I used to have a major sweet tooth! So much that I could feel my health deteriorating from over sugar consumption. I tried to cut it down, then out, but after about the 5-day mark, I would crack.

I would try to tell myself that “Sugar is Not Good for Me” or that “Sugar is Bad for My Health” and even “I Don’t Like Sugar”.

I then realised where the problem was, I was focusing on sugar!

Energy flows where attention goes!

I then started using the Positive Affirmation “I Only Enjoy Food That is Nutritionally Beneficial to My Body”. I now look at sugary things the same way I look at MacDonalds; I wouldn’t touch it!

I have been sugar free for many years since I shifted the focus to healthy eating… with only the occasional slip up. I am human after all πŸ™‚ The important thing here was not to punish or shame myself for “failing”, but forgive myself and get back on the sugar free horse as soon as possible.

Brain Frequencies

Let’s talk a little bit about brain frequencies. Your brain naturally goes through different frequencies throughout the day.

When you’re:

  • Super focused, on point, in the zone, you’re in Gamma
  • In a normal awake state, you’re in Beta
  • Present, in the moment, calm and attentive or in a light meditation, you’re in Alpha
  • Asleep or in deep meditation, you’re in Theta
  • In deep sleep, you’re in Delta

These last two; Theta and Delta are where things get interesting, because when you’re asleep your body is mostly motionless and only the mind is active.

Delta Waves 0-3Hz
Deep, dreamless sleep is the time our body has to heal. In Delta state, our bodies regenerate cells and heal our physical bodies. That’s why a good nights sleep is so important!

Theta Waves 3-8Hz
Theta is where memory, intuition and your beliefs lie. When asleep, or in deep meditation, we are no longer in the external, physical world and we can focus on what’s going on within.

We only usually experience Theta very briefly, while we drift off to sleep or when we’re snoozing in the morning. It’s where our vivid or even lucid dreams can happen! It’s also where we hold our self limiting beliefs which is why Theta is the perfect state to be in when saying your affirmations.

Getting into theta through meditation takes a lot of practice. I can sometimes feel it during an hour sit, as I let the thoughts totally go and feel like I’m almost falling asleep! When you’re in this state, however, it’s pretty impossible to remember that you were going to think your positive affirmations to try to shift your beliefs.

I’ll let you in on a little cheating system I sometimes use…

Binaural Beats! You can find Theta binaural beats and listen to them with headphones while you repeatedly say or think your affirmations daily. Binaural Beat work by putting 200Hz in one ear and 205Hz in the other, this creates a brain wave of 5Hz, which is a perfect Theta state.

Some Examples

Positive Affirmations for Women

“I Am a Beautiful Woman, Full of Love and Grace”

“I Flow Through Life With Ease”

“I Am a Goddess”


Positive Affirmations for Self-Esteem

“I Love and Respect Myself, Others Love and Respect Me”

“I Am Amazing and I Love Who I Am”

“My Thoughts and Ideas Are Valuable”


Positive Affirmations for Confidence

“I Love Meeting New People”

“I Am Confident in Social Situations”

“Others Are Inspired By My Confidence”


Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

“I’ve Got This, I Can Accomplish Anything”

“I Am Aware and in Control of My Breath”

“I Am Enjoying This Tranquil State Of Mind”


Positive Affirmations for Weight Release

“I Only Enjoy Nutritious Food’

“Exercise Makes My Body Feel Great!”

“I Love My Beautiful Body & I Honour This Journey Towards Better Health”


Positive Affirmations for Health

“I Am 100% Healthy in Mind, Body and Spirit”

“My Immune System Is Strong”

“I Always Make Healthy Choices”

“Eating Healthy Makes Me Feel Great”


Positive Affirmations for Success

“I Am Super Motivated To Succeed”

“I Always Succeed in What I Set My Mind To”

“I Love Achieving The Goals I Set”


Here are just a few examples of positive affirmations. Feel free to use these, tie a few together or model off them to make them more personal to you.

Remember Consistency is the Key! Sit in a meditative state for a few minutes, let your brain waves drop into alpha (relaxed state) and then either listen to your pre-recorded affirmations through the windwire app or put headphones in and listen to some binaural beats and read or think your affirmations. Make this practice your own, whatever way works for you and do it consistently!

If you have a certain problem you’re dealing with and would like some help to construct some positive affirmations on this, I’m here to help! You can contact me on Lila-May@Self-Improvement-Movement.com

Thank you all for reading and learning a little piece of wisdom.

Much Love and Light,


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