Meditation Basics – A Simple “How To” Guide

Learning How To Meditate For Beginners.

Sit. Breathe. Let go. It’s really a simple as that!

Step 1:

Sit in a comfortable, upright position. Being upright and aligning your spine will also align your chakras, your energy centers, which gets things flowing more freely. If your choose to sit on a chair, make sure your feet are flat on the ground and place your hands on your knees. If you choose to sit cross legged on the ground it helps to be on a cushion, as having your knees lower than your hips helps with your posture. Don’t attempt to meditate for the first time on your sofa, because your posture will be all slumped and although it is possible, it’s not easy to tune in this way.

Step 2:


Once you’ve found your comfortable position take three deep breaths and close your eyes. Your eyes are needed to perceive the outside, physical world, but for at least the next 5 minutes you’ll be observing the inward, spiritual world. So it makes sense to close the windows to the soul.

The breath is such a beautiful and powerful tool in meditation. It is the ultimate example of giving and receiving.

You breathe in, you receive.

You breathe out, you give back.

The breath is also the only part of your anatomy which works on both the conscious and subconscious level. Which is why it is a great tool for meditation and delving into your subconscious mind. After you’ve taken your three deep breaths, let your breathing settle into its natural flow…Β  just observe it…

Step 3:

Let go…

As you sit in your upright position and start to observe your natural breath you are going to have many, many, many thoughts pop into your head. Thoughts are funny things; they are dreams of the future or reminiscing of the past. Or even worries about the future and regrets about the past. Or maybe they’re in total, impossible, fantasy land, but they are rarely in the present, especially when you’ve got your eyes closed! The practice of meditation is the practice of being present.

So while your thoughts are flooding your mind, observe them and let them go. The thoughts are there, but don’t focus on them. Instead, bring all your attention to your breath. They will keep popping into your head, but just stay focused on the breath. Observe the sensation of the breath coming in and out of your nostrils, filling your lungs, keeping you alive!

Don’t become annoyed at yourself for your thoughts interrupting your meditation. Like any skill, it takes time to master and gain focus. This is the main objective to this beginners meditation; gaining focus and calming the mind.

How long should I meditate?

I hear your ask. For a first time beginner I would recommend 5-10 minutes, any longer and you’ll most likely lose focus, get numb legs and give up on the whole thing. There is a really great meditation app called “medativo” which you can set a gong at the beginning and end of your practice and track your progress. This is a great tool to keep your practice consistent.

Consistency is key to self improvement in anything you do.

What are the benefits of daily meditation?

Reduce stress, worry and anxiety

Increases focus and memory

Improved self esteem and self acceptance

Helps quit addictions

Improved immune system

Find peace with in yourself

And so much more…

This is a simple meditation for beginners, there are many different techniques of meditation, some of which I will go into at a later date. I hope this article will inspire some of you wanna-be-meditators out there to give it a try.

Much Love & Light,


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