Welcome to Self Improvement Movement, I’m so glad you’ve found your way here! ^_^

We humans have so much potential, way more than we realise! With the right mindset we can achieve anything we want to. Which is why I’ve been delving deep into my mind, conscious and subconscious, to uproot old limiting beliefs and plant new habits to enrich my life.

I’ve learnt so much in my short 28 years of life and want to share what I’ve been through, to help you achieve your goals too!

How I Got Into Self Development

I always hated school. I found it tedious, a waste of time and quite frankly, it felt like a prison. Not a great environment or mindset for learning! I did ok grade wise; got all A-C’s in everything except Physical Education. I didn’t like being told to run when I didn’t feel like it, or the competitive side to things.

It’s funny, because now IΒ love to move my body. To my own rhythm! My main form of cardio is dancing!

It took me years to shake off my distaste for the way PE was done in school, that I didn’t start enjoying stretching and strengthening my body until I was about 24!

It’s been quite the roller coaster to get where I am today with my movement and eating habits. It’s taken a lot of mindset work and inner child healing to get to a point where I’m ready to show myself and my journey to the world.

I’ve been a traveler most of my adult life, flowing in my feminine energy, daily routines were pretty much non-existent. I learnt so much from so many different places and faces, but I was lacking in consistency of practicing what I learnt because my life was in a constant state of change!

I am so grateful to now be in a stable position, to be able to sit down and share what I’ve learnt with you.

It’s Time For Me To Give Back

Nowadays my wellness ritual has been finely tuned, redesigned a fair few times to make the most of this body I am in, so I can experience human consciousness to it’s fullest potential!

It consists of daily yoga, meditation, kegal exercises, cardio and resistance exercises, stretching, working on projects and study time. By embodying my masculine energy and creating fairly strict daily rituals, I have achieved so much! I’m more flexible, stronger, more focused and centred.

I’m also studying Nutrition Coaching with Precision Nutrition, which will be incorporated into this site when I’m ready to coach you to your health goals! Which, or course, is totally intertwined with mind set. We usually know what would be good for our bodies, yet the mind has other ideas…

I have so much to share around mastering your mindset through affirmations and meditation, overcoming binge eating, quitting sugar, forming a daily routine that you are comfortable with and so much more.

What Will Be Achieved With Self Improvement Movement

Self Improvement Movement is a platform for you to learn uplifting techniques in mastering your mindset, improving your body through proper nutrition and movement and learning to go within.

I’d like to welcome you on this journey of self improvement, be aware that the work is on going and pretty much all on you! So if you are willing, I’m here for you. As your guide and mentor, helping you rid yourself of self limiting beliefs and form new habits of growth.

Much Love & Light,


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